Forgiato's distinctive styling of their original could be responsible for altering the custom car climate forever. The three-piece wheels are crafted from aircraft grade forged aluminum and are available in a multitude of forging options including extreme concave, step lip and convex/big lip and everything in between. As always, the Forgiato line has limitless customization options with finishes including carbon fiber, brushed and paint-to-match.  The Forgiato line is available in 19-32 inches and can be customized to your preference.  Also, check out our Forgiato 2.0 Exotic Custom Wheels.


AK Access Custom Wheels sells only the finest custom wheels such as Forgiato Wheels.  Call us today (770.714.3732 ) or request a free custom wheel price quote.  Our mission is to provide you with the best wheels, tires and service!


Custom built with custom diameters from 19-32 inches.  Endless color customizations.  Build your own Forgiato wheels.

Forgiato Maschili Forgiato Parlaro Forgiato Parlaro
Forgiato Otto Forgiato Pianura Forgiato Pianura
Forgiato Pianura Forgiato Pianura Forgiato Curvo
Forgiato Curvo   Forgiato Aggio   Forgiato Aggio

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