FUEL Offroad Wheels by MHT are now available with new 2011 styles.  Click on any wheel below for a larger image.

AK Access Custom Wheels sells only the finest custom wheels,  performance tires and accessories such as ICED OUT Emblems.  Call us today (770.714.3732 ) or request a free custom wheel price quote.  Our mission is to provide you with the best wheels, tires and service!

Fuel Hostage Deep   Fuel Hostage Deep   Fuel Hostage Deep
20x12   20x12   20x12
20x14   20x14   20x14
22x14   22x14   22x14
Chrome Black & Brrushed Black
Deep Lip Version   Deep Lip Version   Deep Lip Version
Fuel Hostage   Fuel Hostage   Fuel Hostage
17x8.5   17x8.5   17x8.5
17x9.0   17x9.0   17x9.0
18x9.0   18x9.0   18x9.0
20x9.0   20x9.0   20x9.0
20x10   20x10   20x10
22x9.5   22x9.5   22x9.5
22x11   22x11   22x11
24x11   24x11   24x11
Chrome   Brushed Face   Flat Black
    Matte Black    
Fuel Gauge   Fuel Gauge   Fuel Gauge
18x9.0   18x9.0   18x9.0
20x9.0   20x9.0   20x9.0
Chrome   Brushed Machine   Black
Fuel Boost   Fuel Mojave   Fuel Mojave
17x9.0   20x9.0   20x9.0
Black /Mill Machined Black Chrome
Fuel Throttle Fuel Throttle Fuel Throttle Deep
17x9.0 17x9.0 20x12
18x9.0 18x9.0 22x14
18x10 18x10
20x9.0 20x9.0
20x10 20x10
20x12 20x12
Chrome Black/Mill Machined Black
  Deep Lip Version
Fuel Octane Fuel Octane  
17x8.5 17x9.0
18x9.0 18x9.0
20x9.0 20x9.0
Chrome Matte Black  
Fuel Octane Deep Fuel Octane Deep
20x12 20x12
22x14 22x14
Chrome Matte Black

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